My First Program!

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Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 5.12.03 PMEarlier this week, I built my first iOS program using Apple’s new programming language, Swift. I have been studying Swift for a few weeks and decided it was time to navigate Xcode, the iOS software building tool. I chose to start off with a basic application, and one that usually marks the beginning stages of a programmer’s journey: “Hello World!”. This simple program has allowed me to demonstrate knowledge of the language’s syntax, which is a crucial part of understanding Swift. Instead of merely learning the language, I am recognizing how to apply it. Comprehending both the syntax and the employment of the code equally contribute to a fully developed understanding of what I am learning. “Hello World!” has also allowed me to more intimately examine the features of Xcode. I was fascinated by all that I could accomplish with this tool, and the intricacies that contribute to a functional application.

The creation of my “Hello World!” program extends far beyond the functionality of the application. It is the ability to create, the ability to share, the ability to form an idea and express it to the computer that astonishes me. For the first time I was controlling the computer instead of using it. I provided instructions for the application, and received the product. Dictating commands to the computer allowed me to realize the infinite possibilities to create with computer coding. I am eager to continue my studies of Swift with the hope to start creating more complex applications in the future.


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